The service part of DISIKOM has a fast (RAPID) service, in-depth service, car wash fully equipped with modern, universal and specialized equipment. Reception for customers with a separate section for the reception and delivery of cars. The available storage areas allow the production activities to be secured with a load much higher than the starting volumes.

Basic Garage Equipment:

  • 2.8 tonne two-post hoists - 2 units
  • 4 tonne two-post hoists - 2 units
  • Geometry control bench
  • Equipment for disassembly / mounting and tire balance - 2 pieces
  • A service station for air conditioning and braking systems
  • Welding machine
  • Universal tool GEDORE
  • Specialized PPS and universal diagnostic equipment and more.

The capacity of DISIKOM OOD currently allows simultaneous servicing of 7 cars in the service parts depending on the extent of the repair. The service activity is provided by 6 qualified mechanics, service engineer and receiver.
We have the ability and service of light and commercial vehicles from all brands (up to 3.5 tons)
- Chassis diagnostics and repairs, suspension, transmission boxes, connectors, hydraulic systems, brake system, air conditioning and cooling system, fuel system, engine repairs, electrical installation and equipment, etc.

DISIKOM OOD serves warranty and post-warranty Peugeot cars owned by customers and companies from the city and the region.
For customers with cars up to 4 years, service is available, except for original parts and choice of lower priced parts - Eurorepar, Echange standard, and alternative suppliers.
The Spare Parts Division organizes and provides the service with all necessary spare parts, accessories and consumables, the main supplier of which is Sofia France Auto AD. For the repair and maintenance of cars from other brands, both the main and the local suppliers are used.

We are open: 

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 9:00 - 12:30
Sunday: non-working day

BULGARIA, 5400 Sevlievo
2 Nikola Petkov str.
phone: + 359 675 34737
fax: +359 675 32063

Valeri Vassilev: +359 886 318400
Nikolina Tsankova: + 359 889 000277
Dayana Kirilova: + 359 889 000277

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